by Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt

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The most absurdly named band in Australian hardcore are back.

On their fourth release, Accord/Dance, Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt have greatly expanded both their sonic palette and song-writing skills.

Here the band relies less on the sensory overload of blastbeats and angular riffing and instead focus on developing rich and layered compositions.

The result is an intelligent piece of post-hardcore that draws as much from Glassjaw, Propagandhi and La Dispute as it does, Botch, Refused, and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

** All proceeds from this release will be donated to STARTTS, the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors. **


released July 4, 2016

Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt are:
K - vocals & lyrics
P - guitars & vocals
C - drums & vocals

All songs written by Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt.
Produced by Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt and Tim Carr.
Recorded at Jungle Studios, Leichhardt & Studios 301, Alexandria, by Tim Carr.
Tim was assisted at Jungle Studios by Josh Pollock.
Mixed by Tim Carr at Studios 301.
Mastered by Mell Dettmer at Studio Soli, Seattle, Washington.

Additional musicians:
Paul Murchison plays trumpet & trombone on ‘An Afterthought’.
Ian Pieterse plays alto sax on ‘An Afterthought’ & ‘Cease’.
Natalya Bing plays violin on ‘Other’ & ‘Test Pattern’.
Di Drew added vocals on ‘An Afterthought’.

Art: Sam Harwood



all rights reserved


Art As Catharsis Sydney, Australia

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A humble Australian record label with a love for music that is progressive, psychedelic, or different.
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Track Name: Other
Deeply sedated, and those in her wake
I am shallow, truncated by all my impending mistakes
Review unprotected,
I’m just left to settle no fortune foretold to save in a matter of weeks

And you are going to have to tell her
And you are going to have to envelop her

And stand amongst the debris, and pause to conceive light while I amplify distance
Thief, you’ve done none but receive, and now left be­hind files on everyone listening

And you are going to have to tell her
And you are going to have to protect them
And you are going to have to retreat
In deserving of far more than offers you seldom complete
So are you gone?
Or are you done without bearing your soul.

And there we laid, to speak but I’m spoken for

Begin with the breath, let your sentiments dance and decide the timing of your next move
but for now...
It’s following death,
We’re all following death, but for now
We all descending on death, but for now... but for now... we abuse!
Track Name: Cease
There are cities that divide a recent few
Bulkhead lines, laid bare to what you hardly knew,

Stay with me, I never... considered... to let you sleep

I can’t help but take a look before rust sets in and I’m lost forever
Desolate, let’s find resolve to

In taking part we

Addict to what you hardly knew
Track Name: Test Pattern
Brave, and insincere,
A self­-serving divide deprived of shame and fear
Tamed, anointed culture
Saved, perverse tryst
Fulfilled the deeds of saccharine with empty fists
Breach of hunted stares
And no one will survive, unless we steep intentions high,
Oppress, oblige so we can make it through the night.

In thraves, thrives an animal, the last we cling to unfold
It staves off the parable, cancer rid us of our homes
Track Name: In Years
So we asked... can you recall a time when there were moments like these
And so they say: forgive me for my memory it’s not it’s best in years

Left to face the unsuspected view

Lost, needing, aimless in this destined grieving
Begs you for another
This strange soil

Left, leaving, tamed by awe and senseless greetings
Grounded ever after
I’ve found soil
Track Name: Afterthought
Give it time for when the sides, that you came from are
Robbing speech and disrupting peace
Peering in then burning out dead shit reputations

Faded more than an afterthought

But what if we drop names of dubious reputation
With all the best intentions

In my eyes, gratitude offends, but it depends
In our long goodbyes, we do not intend, it depends
Give it time, so we can comprehend, it depends
It depends

Never in the mess we made, in the most simplistic ways of being,
I could see you with another