1. nihsahshsaH

  2. So Long Sparta
    Wartime Sweethearts

  3. Chase A Dream

  4. Shōtotsu

  5. Goodbye Earth
    Slimey Things

  6. Drone From The Underside Of The Earth II: Australian Doom

  7. "Is God Up There?"

  8. Accord/Dance
    Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt

  9. Kurushimi

  10. Only the Youngest Grave
    Lost Salt Blood Purges

  11. Ensemble

  12. Ankaa
    Serious Beak

  13. Departure Songs
    We Lost the Sea

  14. Sheltering Sky
    Drowning Horse

  15. Deadwood To Worms
    Space Bong

  16. A Series Of Disagreements
    Instrumental (adj.)

  17. Panorama, in ten pieces.

  18. Don't overthink it, overthink, overthinking
    Brian Campeau

  19. A cult will rise
    Siberian Hell Sounds

  20. Los Belvos
    Bambino dell'Oro

  21. Words That Seem To Slip Away
    Jess Locke

  22. Retirement

  23. Huxwhukw
    Serious Beak

  24. Protect Us From The Ones We Love

  25. Mostly Winter Sometimes Spring
    Brian Campeau

  26. Two Faces
    Brian Campeau

  27. Questions For Men

  28. Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt vs. Jxckxlz

  29. Dys/Closure
    Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt

  30. Counter/Transference
    Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt

  31. The Isolation Tapes
    The Isolation Tapes

  32. Come Midnight...
    Adrift for Days

  33. The Lunar Maria
    Adrift for Days

  34. Distortion and dissonance: Australian hardcore sampler

  35. Residues
    Snakes Get Bad Press

  36. The Death of Utopia
    Space Bong

  37. As The Minutes Pass
    Adrift for Days

  38. Hymns

  39. Face Command
    Face Command

  40. Battle Pope vs. Jesus Christ Posse

  41. Dronepunk

  42. In Doom We Crust
    Space Bong

  43. Spirit Panther

  44. A Blackened Earth
    100 Years of Solitude

  45. Drone From The Underside Of The Earth I: Australian Doom

  46. A Collection Of Songs & A Dedication To Chris Torpy

  47. We Sold Our Souls On 28/07/12
    Adrift for Days

  48. He Is Risen

  49. Hydromedusa

  50. LOG's Second Album

  51. Huxwhukw and the Crooked Beak of Heaven Remixes
    Serious Beak

  52. Stargazing under Southern Skies: Australian post and shoegaze sampler

  53. The Holy Trinity
    Battle Pope

  54. live at sameheads with facé control 1

  55. NEGFEST 2015: heavy, negative Australian music

  56. Pantless Carnage EP
    Battle Pope


Art As Catharsis Sydney, Australia

A humble Australian record label with a love for music that is progressive, psychedelic, or different.

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